Purchase of agricultural land in Poland. Who can buy a property in Poland?

Purchase of agricultural land in Poland seems to be very attractive for many foreigners. However, the new law turned the market situation.

Conclusion of a preliminary sale agreement for agricultural land by  foreigners does not give them the right to enter into the final purchase  agreement  after a specified time without obtaining permission from the  appropriate authority, being Minister of Interior, according to  the amendment of the law after 30 April 2016.

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Legalization of stay in Poland

Legalization of stay in Poland. Legalization of employment in Poland. May 1st,  2014 new immigration rules (Aliens Act) relating to the entry and stay of foreigners in Poland entered into force, replacing the previously applicable Act of 13th  June 2003.

The significant changes introduced by the new Act provide the possibility of obtaining both work and residence permit by a foreigner  in a single legalization procedure. Previous regulation reguired from foreigner  to take part in a two-step procedure.

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Custody of a child in Poland when parent is a foreigner

Custody of a child in Poland when parent is a foreigner. In Poland, both mother and father of a child have parental responsibility for their childeven if they are not married and/or they do not live together.

An unmarried father needs to officially recognize his child. There are two ways to do it: at the Court Registry (Urząd Stanu Cywilnego) or by family court.

In case paternity has been established by a court, a father shall be eligible for exercising parental authority only if a court grants it to him by a decision establishing paternity.

Single custody vs. joint custody

Joint custody of a child may only have parents who live together.

If parents of a child do not live together, only one of them will be granted custody of a child. The other parent will still preserve his/her right to contact the child.

Parents usually provide together for their child. If one of them refuses to pay maintenance, the other one has the right to file a lawsuit against this parent. The amount one should pay as maintenance depends on many factors such as income, current financial situation of the parent who should pay maintenance, justified needs of the child.

If one of the parents exercise single custody, does not automatically mean that the other one is deprived of his/her right to co-decide about vital issues concerning the child.

Vital issues are considered to be following: child’ domicile (permanent residential address), choice of school and training, choice of medical and psychological treatment, travelling (especially abroad).