Road Traffic regulation in Poland

Road Traffic regulation in Poland. Recently,  driving a car without valid driving license was  an offense punishable only with  a fine. Starting from  18th  May 2015, a persons driving a vehicle after the withdrawal of driving license commit  a criminal offense punishable with a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment up to 2 years. Despite the above mentioned punishment, the court can also rule penal measure in the form of a driving ban.

In the amended regulations, more strict penalties have been imposed to drunk driviers  and for drunk drivers who have  caused a traffic accident (event in which people were killed or seriously injured).

The period for which driving ban as penal measure will be imposed has been extended from 10 up to 15 years. The minimum period for which driving bank can be imposed has been set at 3 years.

The courts have the right to decide lifetime driving ban  for those who “are caught” for   second time while driving under the influence of alcohol. The minimum Injunctive handed down from the driver, who was  driving drunk and was stopped for the first time, is 5.0000 zl. Twice as much shall pay a recidivist.

Changes in road traffic regulations

On 18th May 2015,  new rules in Road Traffic Law regarding the administrative detention of driving license, ie. in  case of gross exceeding the speed limit in built-up areas (above 50 km / h) and carrying an excessive number of persons entered into force.

The new act will result in seizing of driving license in the course of roadside checks and forwarding it to the appropriate district governor, who – by issuing an administrative decision – will formally seize this document  for three months. A driver caught driving despite the fact that his/her driving license has been seized will the 3-months-period extended to 6 months.

The next step would be  withdrawal of the right to drive. -The restoration of driving right was flanked by the need to meet all the requirements of the person applying for the driving license for the first time.

In addition, fines for speeding up are much higher than before. The amount of a fine will dependent on the average earnings in the country for the previous fiscal year. So, it will be changed each year  depending on the official average earning. Driving too fast in built-up areas is more expensive  than on rural roads. For example – for exceeding the speed of 41-50 km / h in built-up areas, you get fined 532 PLN (based on the rate of the national average earning  for 2013 years). The same offense in urban areas a fine will amount to  1,064 PLN.

New rules in the Road Traffic Act are intended to increase road safty in Poland.