Divorce, custody, child and spousal support

Divorce in Poland. Divorce procedure in Poland, including maintenance for children and ex-spouse, property division after divorce. Divorce is always a traumatic experience but divorce in Poland is  quite complicated for foreigners who have to go through this procedure  as financial and other outcomes differ from country to country. We are specialized in international divorces and fully understand specific requirements of our clients. 

  • Preparation of divorce petition;
  • Preparation of application for child and/or spousal maintenance;
  • Preparation of parenting arrangement for divorced / separated parents;
  • Judical separation;
  • Divorce with or without verdict indicating culpability for breakdown of marriage;
  • Recognition of a foreign judgment of divorce;
  • Maintenance payment for child and/or spouse;
  • Changes of child and/or sousal maintenance payments;
  • Child visitation;
  • Child residence order;
  • Child custody;
  • Establishing and denial of paternity;
  • Application for visitation rights;
  • Application for limited or denying visitation;
  • Application for changing divorce judgement;
  • Proceeding for enforcement of visitation rights;
  • Child adoption;
  • International child abduction (The Haague Abduction Convention).

Divorce and custody
Child and spousal support

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