Criminal cases

Criminal cases in Poland. Being the victim of a crime is always a devastating and traumatic experience. Being the victim of a crime in a foreign country is even more difficult. The same rule applies to a suspect. Investigation and arrest might be a horrific experience in your country. They will be a shock if they happen abroad. 

Pursuat to the Polish Constitution, everyone shall be presumed innocent of a charge until his guilt is determined by the final judgment of a court.

We undertake to represent and defend persons suspected or accused of a crime. We support our clients at the stage of preparatory proceedingconducted by the police and the prosecutor’s office, then beofre the court and at the enforcemet proceedings.

Our service includes following criminal cases in Poland:

  • Economic and financial crime: including cases agaist the memers of the Board of Directors, cases conncerning mismagement of the company and acting to the detriment of the company; 

  • Tax annd financial offences: acts involving breach of the tax law, customs annd foreign exchange regulations and acts involving breach of gambling regulations;

  • Legal advice in European Arrest Warrant cases (EAW);

  • Cases relating to road accidents;  

  • Sex crimes;
  • Criminal drug offences (possesion, supply, dealing and production of drugs and psychotropic substances).

Criminal cases

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