Foreigner facing criminal case in Poland

Foreigner facing criminal case in Poland should learn his rights while being involved in criminal case in Poland.

From year to year, we can see an increasing amount of foreigners engaging in business activities in Poland. Investments’ opportunities and quite liberal immigration policy encourage people from other countries to come to Poland. Having different cultural background, both legal and business like, may cause many foreigners to unknowingly break norms of Polish criminal law.

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Polish residence permit after divorce

Polish residence permit after divorce becomes a very important questions to our clients. It is due to the fact that the number of both international marriages and divorces has been increasing for last few years. Our clients  are interested in their legal status in Poland and the status of their Polish residence permit after divorce.

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Can a pregnat woman get divorced in Poland?

Can a pregant woman get divorced in Poland? We have been asked this question on a frequently basis. Here we can have two options. The first option is that the father of the unborn child is the husband of the woman and the other option is that it is her new partner.

It happens that the spouses have not lived together for a long period, some times for a few years but for various reasons they have been postponing their decision to legally get divorced. Some times, the pregnancy is the moment when they decide to end their marriage which exists on paper only.

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Foreigners getting divorced in Poland

Foreigners getting divorced in Poland are no more an extraordinary situation. Amount of foreigners getting divorced in Poland with Polish partners keeps growing.

Foreigners getting divorced in Poland are not just a question of language barrier. The most important question is to choose the right court and applicale law in order to disolve the marriage.

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Enforceability of judgement issued in other EU countries

Enforceability of judgement issued in other EU countries and the changes to the rules governing the enforceability of judgement issued in other EU countries.
One of the primary reasons of the adoption of UE Regulation 1215/2012, called Brussels I “bis”, was to simplify and expedite the enforcement of judgments issued within the European Union. Read more

Alternatig custody in Poland. Is it worth to go for it?

Alternatig custody in Poland. It is not easy to have alternating custody approved by Polish courts.  When parents cannot come into an  agreement on custody issue, and this mostly the case, the court will issue its decision.  Knowing the realities of the Polish justice,  the upbringing of the child will be entrusted to one of the parents while the other one will indirectly be isolated.

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Jurisdiction and applicable law in disputes within the EU

Jurisdiction and applicable law in disputes within the EU. The establishment of trade cooperation within the EU has caused not only new business opportunities but also forced usage of new law – the community law.

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Road Traffic regulation in Poland

Road Traffic regulation in Poland. Recently,  driving a car without valid driving license was  an offense punishable only with  a fine. Starting from  18th  May 2015, a persons driving a vehicle after the withdrawal of driving license commit  a criminal offense punishable with a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment up to 2 years. Despite the above mentioned punishment, the court can also rule penal measure in the form of a driving ban.

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Purchase of property by foreigners

Purchase of property by foreigners. Is it possible for  a foreigner  not being a citizen of one of the EU member countries to  purchase a real estate in Poland? Does the acquisition of real estate through inheritance raise any legal responsibilities for a foreigner?
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Legalization of stay in Poland

Legalization of stay in Poland. Legalization of employment in Poland. May 1st,  2014 new immigration rules (Aliens Act) relating to the entry and stay of foreigners in Poland entered into force, replacing the previously applicable Act of 13th  June 2003.

The significant changes introduced by the new Act provide the possibility of obtaining both work and residence permit by a foreigner  in a single legalization procedure. Previous regulation reguired from foreigner  to take part in a two-step procedure.

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